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  • Hobie Surf :: Monday Motivation : Bryce Saemen Rips.
            Monday Motivation // Indo Dreams with Bryce Saemen // Bankvaults
  • Hobie Surf :: Big Trees in the Surf by Josh Martin
    From Josh Martin at martinshapes.com ENJOY!!!!  Big Trees in the Surf January 08 2015 Wood is orthotropic – the strength is predominantly along one axis. Parallel to the grain, tensile is very high and compression strength is good. Perfect for a core material in surfboard construction. Particularly surfboards designed for big surf. Wood provides for superior […]
  • Hobie Heart :: Happy New Year!!!!!
      ‘People are the heart and spirit of all that counts.’ -Max DePree For 60 years, You have made us who we are. You are present in every detail. From all us at Hobie Surf Shop, we wish you -our customers, our team, our friends, our family- a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2015.