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Hobie Ambassador Program:

 The Hobie Surf Shop Ambassador Program’s mission is to support waterman and women; young and old who embody the Hobie lifestyle. We define that lifestyle as a person who leads a vibrant, active, adventurous life, either in the ocean or on the land; is   conscientious and committed to their community, the environment and life in general. The program is designed as a support for exemplary people who pursue greatness in their endeavors while manifesting and promoting respect for all things water.

Our Ambassadors will work with us on evolving products that are coming onto market and help us refine and validate them. They are brand evangelists who are accessible to the community and spreading the Hobie lifestyle. And when they have amazing tales to tell from adventures they have taken we will share them with you through our website,   Facebook, Instagram  and our stores.

Our Ambassadors:

Jim Sanders | Tracey Engelking | Mark Carlisle | Mike Skelly | Rachael Tilley | Jen Holcomb | Gary Larson | Keaton Rose